Disinfection solutions for what matters most.

Your Healthy Spaces is passionate about protecting families, businesses, schools, and healthcare facilities from illness-causing germs. We offer innovative products so that you can keep your loved ones safe and healthy, no matter where the day may take you.

We are on a mission to reduce the spread of illness.

Your Healthy Spaces (YHS) is dedicated to providing the healthiest work and home environment possible. With over 40 years in healthcare, we understand the devastating effects of transferable diseases in our communities. We are experts at providing sanitizing and disinfecting solutions to combat the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Zetrisil® protects, touch after touch.

My-shield® products are formulated with Zetrisil®, an antimicrobial technology that not only kills on contact but also has a persistent activity that helps prevent infections for up to 4 hours on hands and for 24 hours on surfaces.

Alcohol & Bleach Free

My-shield® products kill germs without the use of harsh chemicals

EPA & FDA Approved

My-shield® & Total Solutions products are EPA Approved and FDA Registered

Lasting Protection

Zetrisil® is an antimicrobial technology that offers long-lasting protection

Kills 99.99% of Germs

Our products effectively kill common germs on hands, surfaces, and fabrics

Don't let pathogens enter your Long Term Care Facility.

With over 40 years of healthcare experience, our team understands the devastating effects of transferable diseases, especially within Long-Term Care Facilities. We are experts at providing effective sanitizing and disinfecting solutions to combat the spread of pathogens and keep your residents safe.

What Our Customers Say

Dave BarrWembley Club

Your Health Spaces has been a tremendous partner for the Wembley Club. Their application protected our surfaces and contributed to our tremendous success in keeping our members safe.

Joe KuykendallQuest Windows

Your Healthy Spaces were immediately available and professional in the service that provided month over month. Our staff praised the work completed and were thankful for providing a safe work space.

Henry ButlerLCR Enterprises

The team at Your Healthy Spaces is super professional, knowledgeable, and socially responsible! I trust them and love their work.

Jim ChamberlainESC Brands

I know the compang very well. They are professional and have the highest integrity. I would give YHS my fullest recommendation in all of their endeavors.