Let's reduce the spread of illness

Your Healthy Spaces (YHS) is dedicated to providing the healthiest work and home environment possible. With over 40 years in healthcare, we understand the devastating effects of transferable diseases in our communities. We are experts at providing sanitizing and disinfecting solutions to combat the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria.

Protection for what matters most

We use the latest infection prevention technology to kill germs without the use of alcohol or toxic chemicals in any of our products. Our FDA and EPA approved solutions not only kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria, they continue to work for hours on hands and for days at a time on surfaces and fabrics.

Alcohol & Bleach-free

My-shield® products kill germs without the use of harsh chemicals

EPA Approved

My-shield® is designed for use in commercial, healthcare and residential settings

Lasting Protection

Zetrisil® is an antimicrobial technology that offers long-lasting protection

Kills 99.99% of germs

Our products effectively kill common germs on hands, surfaces, and fabrics

How Zetrisil® Works

The science behind our proprietary nano-protective barrier
Antimicrobial Shield

The Your Healthy Spaces product line is formulated with Zetrisil®, an antimicrobial shield that provides long-term protection. Zetrisil® covalently bonds to surfaces, forming a matrix of microscopic “swords” with a high positive charge, known as high “Zeta Potential.” This high Zeta Potential means that negatively charged microbes will be drawn to the shield, where the matrix of swords will do its work. Alternatively, most conventional disinfectants have low Zeta Potential. Read on for more details.

Zeta Potential

Zeta Potential is the analysis technique for determining the surface charge of nanoparticles in solution. The greater the positive charge disinfectant solutions has, the greater killing effect against negatively charged bacteria. Our positively charged disinfectant attract the negatively charged bacteria or virus particles around the positively charged disinfectant solution, therefore improving the kill time and efficacy rate per volume of disinfectant solution.

Mechanical Kill

Zeta Potential kills bacteria and viruses magnetically by way of changing the magnetic charge around bacteria or virus cell. This damages the cell wall membrane, causing osmosis imbalance to the bacteria or viruses. This process causes their cell wall to rupture, lyse and explode.

Antimicrobial Shield
Zeta Potential
Mechanical Kill