The Benefits of Using a Non-Alcohol, Non-Bleach Disinfectant

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The Benefits of Using a Non-Alcohol, Non-Bleach Disinfectant
For many years, disinfectants made with chlorine bleach or alcohol were the only option for protecting homes or business from disease. In recent years, however, new solutions have become available to fight against viruses and bacteria. Zetrisil is the main ingredient in our My Shield line of products. Zetrisil is a non-alcohol, non-chlorine bleach broad-spectrum disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses. There are many benefits of using a non-alcohol and non-chlorine bleach-based disinfectant. Let’s check out a few below.

What Is Zetrisil, and why is it a better choice?

Zetrisil is a unique nano antimicrobial technology that kills on contact and has a persistent activity that helps prevent infections. Our My Shield products kill bacteria and viruses in many different environments. My Shield products with Zetrisil kill germs on contact and continue to protect against infection for hours or even days.
My Shield's unique formulation of microfiltration and molecular distillation technologies has been shown to "neutralize" pathogens by disrupting the cell wall, the membrane, and the genetic information. Zetrisil disables pathogens' ability to reproduce quickly, reducing the amount of newly-causing pathogens passing from person to person. It can also help prevent outbreaks from occurring.

Better for surfaces

Unlike chlorine bleach or alcohol-based disinfectants, the non-corrosive properties of My Shield products do not damage paint and plastics. They also do not leave a film on fabrics, or household surfaces like chlorine bleach-based disinfectants do. Because My Shield products are non-corrosive, you can use them on various surfaces without damaging them. Electronics, such as computers or cell phones, can be disinfected with a quick spray of My Shield Broad Spectrum Disinfectant for long-lasting protection that won’t damage the sensitive components.

Better for your skin

Unlike alcohol-based disinfectants, My Shield Hand Sanitizer does not dry out hands, which many people find uncomfortable. It is also why My Shield products are currently used by professionals in hospitals and nursing homes specializing in pediatrics. My Shield is safe for use around kids and the elderly because it does not dry out their hands like a chlorine bleach-based product often does. The alcohol used in most hand sanitizers only disinfects a limited number of microorganisms. It is also safe for use around pets and animals because My Shield does not dry out anything that comes in contact with it.

Better for the environment

The environmental benefits of using My Shield disinfecting products are also significant. Chlorine bleach-based disinfectants have been found to contribute to ozone depletion. Not only that but chlorine bleach, when it reaches our waterways, can from dioxins that harm aquatic and other forms of life.

Better for your health

My Shield disinfecting products are also better for your health overall. Providing protection from viruses is only one benefit. Chlorine bleach-based products used for surface sanitizing can lead to health issues, including eye and respiratory irritation, and can even cause cancer.


In conclusion, My Shield disinfecting products are free of harmful chemicals, an environmentally friendly option, and better for your overall health and wellness. Offering long-lasting protection from viruses and bacteria is just one of the many benefits of choosing to use a My Shield product over any alcohol or chlorine bleach-based sanitizer.
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