Reducing the Risk of Monkeypox Transmission in Medical Care Facilities

Reducing the Risk of Monkeypox Transmission in Medical Care Facilities

Sep 28, 2022YHS Team
Cases of the monkeypox virus have been reported in several countries since May 2022. While not as deadly, or as contagious, as Covid-19, this is still a concern among medical care facilities. In order to prevent an outbreak in a medical facility; nurses, directors, administrators, cleaning companies, and adults with decision-making authority are advised to make sure proper measures are put in place to reduce the risk of monkeypox transmission.

The Risk of Monkeypox Transmission in Medical Care Facilities

Monkeypox has the potential to spread easily in medical care facilities. You can get the virus when you come in physical contact with someone exhibiting the symptoms of the virus. Scabs, rashes, and body fluids (including pus and blood from skin lesions) are infectious.
Furthermore, you can get the virus when you come in contact with objects that have been in contact with an infected person. These include bedding, towels, eating utensils, and clothing. Countertops and shared restrooms may also act as a source of infection.
Once an infection occurs in a medical facility there is potential for a small outbreak if precautions are not taken. Most facilities have already ramped up sanitation because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Preventing monkeypox transmission elevates the importance of disinfection of all contact surfaces.

Protecting Against Monkeypox Transmission

The thought of the monkeypox virus spreading in a nursing home, skilled care facility, or urgent care center is unnerving. Administrators and staff should work diligently to make sure the risk of someone contracting the virus while at a medical care facility is massively reduced.
We have noted that the disease can be spread when someone comes in contact with objects that have been in contact with someone suffering from monkeypox. This means the countertops, shared restrooms, and other shared facilities in health care centers must be well cleaned and properly sanitized for effective monkeypox prevention.
At Your Healthy Spaces, we carry My-Shield products which have been EPA approved and have been shown to protect surfaces against 99.9% of germs for 24 hours or more. You can also rely on My-Shield’s long-lasting antimicrobial products to protect your hands all day.

1. Disinfectant

My-Shield Broad Spectrum Disinfectant is a highly effective, alcohol and chlorine bleach-free product that kills most common germs on contact. This solution is EPA and FDA-approved to work against Coronavirus and the monkeypox virus. Additionally, My-shield Broad Spectrum Disinfectant offers protection for days in just a single application.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Formulated with Zetrisil, My-Shield Hand Sanitizer Foam kills germs on contact. Zetrisil is a unique nano antimicrobial technology that kills 99.9% of germs on contact. In addition, it works with other active ingredients to make the hand sanitizer effective for up to four hours. My-Shield has added aloe to make sure that skin is gently moisturized while being protected against infection.

3. Laundry

The unique nature of the monkeypox virus makes thorough sanitation of bedding and gowns vitally important. My-Shield Laundry Complete is ideal for both commercial and household applications. Using My-Shield Laundry Complete as an additive to the laundry needs of the medical facility insures that any infectious material is eliminated from contact with a patient’s skin.

4. Sanitizing Wipes

My-Shield also produces alcohol-free microbial wipes. Clinically proven to kill up to 99.99% of germs, these hand sanitizing wipes can keep patients and staff healthy despite the challenges of a demanding medical environment. Just as with the My-Shield Hand Sanitizer Foam, these wipes can remain effective in killing germs for up to 4 hours after use.


Preventing monkeypox transmission is made easier when you have access to long-lasting antimicrobial products by My-Shield. By using My-Shield products to disinfect and sanitize surfaces, laundry, and staff and patients' skin, any medical facility can be sure that they are providing the highest level of protection for everyone in their care. Stock up on My-Shield products on our My Healthy Spaces website,

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