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Keeping Your Vacation Rental Property (And Your Guests) Safe From Monkeypox

Sep 28, 2022Lindsay Sims
Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, health and safety have been at the forefront of everyone's mind. As concerns about COVID-19 begin to wane, fear of a new outbreak of monkeypox is now on the rise. As the owner of a vacation rental property, you should be aware of the risk of monkeypox contagion to your guests. In addition to your guest’s safety, you need to worry about the reputation and ratings of your property.
The good news is there are many long-lasting antimicrobial products available. These products make it possible to protect your guests while they enjoy your vacation home rental.

5 Ways My-Shield Antimicrobial Products Can Help With Monkeypox Prevention

We offer a wide range of antimicrobial products from My-Shield, a leading manufacturer of surface sanitizing products. My-Shield disinfectants and sanitizing products contain no alcohol or bleach, offer lasting protection (up to 24 hours on hands and 28 days on surfaces), and are EPA approved to kill viruses, including coronaviruses and the monkeypox virus.
You can protect your guests from the possibility of monkeypox transmission. Offering the following items to all guests in your rental spaces is a great way to add value to your rentals, keep your guests safe, and ensure they return year after year. Here are four great My-Shield products for your consideration.

My-Shield Hand Sanitizer Foam

Place bottles of hand sanitizer everywhere common touchpoints exist like bathroom sinks, doors, bathrooms, and more. Keeping these items plentiful and convenient ensures your guests and their friends and family will use them. Studies show that when placed in multiple convenient locations, vacation rental guests will use these items more often.
People with sensitive skin will appreciate the fact that the active ingredients which can irritate the skin, like alcohol and bleach, are not ingredients in My-Shield products.

My-Shield Kids Pack Hand Sanitizer Gel

Once children start playing, they don't want to stop. While they may forget to use hand sanitizer posted in bathrooms and other convenient areas, the My-Shield kids pack stays with them all day. Any time they get dirty, it will be there to remind them to clean their hands. We all know children have strong immune systems, but they also carry and spread pathogens because of the nature of their play, especially while on vacation. Help keep them and everyone around them safe.

My-Shield Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

Monkeypox can be spread through contact with surfaces that were used by an infected person. Cleaning between rentals with an EPA-approved disinfectant, like My-Shield Broad Spectrum Disinfectant, is key for ensuring your guest’s safety. The protection you get from My-Shield Disinfectant lasts for days, keeping your guests safe throughout their stay.

My-Shield Laundry Complete

All shared surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, but most especially bedding. Because your guests will have prolonged close contact with bed sheets and blankets, they need greater attention than most surfaces. My-Shield Laundry Complete can be used in conjunction with your usual laundry detergent to ensure an extra level of sanitation and deodorization.

Protecting your guests and your rental property’s reputation is more important than ever.

You can find these and more health and hygiene products from My Shield and other quality manufacturers here on our Your Healthy Spaces website. Give your vacation rental guests the gift of clean hands and sanitary surfaces with My Shield!

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