Keeping The Classroom Safe From Monkeypox Transmission

Keeping The Classroom Safe From Monkeypox Transmission

Sep 28, 2022YHS Team
Monkeypox is an uncommon disease brought about by the monkeypox virus (MPV). Outbreaks are generally pretty rare and limited to foreign nations. Currently, however, we are dealing with a larger-scale outbreak. One that is affecting countries across the globe, including the United States. While this outbreak has thus far been primarily passed by sexual contact with an infected person, there is no reason to believe that transmission will remain only limited to sexual partners.
Monkeypox is spread through personal, close, usually skin-to-skin contact. This can include directly contacting an infected individual's body fluids, scabs, or rash. One can also acquire the virus through continued contact with respiratory excretions and by touching surfaces, fabrics, and objects used by individuals suffering from monkeypox.

Preventing Monkeypox Transmission in School Settings

The good news is that there hasn’t been an outbreak in a school setting yet. Hopefully, this will remain the case. There are some common sense steps that can be taken to avoid any risk of infection. Luckily, they are tied in with general high sanitation standards. So even if monkeypox never becomes an issue in school settings, many other common maladies will also be prevented by following these simple steps.

1. Prioritize Disinfection

The mitigation strategies that have been deployed to counter COVID-19 can help prevent monkeypox spread too. The monkeypox virus can be spread in schools through skin-to-surface contacts, such as in locker rooms, lunchrooms, shared desks, or multiuse facilities. Disinfection of these surfaces should be done using an EPA-approved sanitizer, such as My Shield Broad Spectrum Disinfectant. My Shield products kill viruses and germs on contact and continue to protect surfaces for days after application. This will help them reduce the probability of transmission of monkeypox, COVID-19, and many other common diseases that are found in schools every year.

2. Stay in Touch with your Regional Health Department

School heads and medical staff should observe monkeypox cases in their local communities and the state. School heads should maintain contact with their regional health departments to be more informed about emerging cases. They should also collaborate with the local health departments in conveying monkeypox alleviation strategies within their communities. The collaboration ensures that all parties are on the same page and each does what is expected.

3. Hand washing

Ensure that students have access to handwashing; they can use soap and water. When handwashing stations are not available immediately, a high-quality hand sanitizer is the next best thing. My Shield Hand Sanitizing Foam, My Shield Hand Sanitizer Gel Packs, and My Shield Hand Sanitizer Wipes are all great options to have on hand in classroom settings. All My Shield Sanitizer options are alcohol and chlorine bleach-free, to skin from harm as well as to protect from germs. The unique nano antimicrobial technology of Zestril, the key ingredient in My Shield products, provides a safe and effective alternative to harsh hand sanitizers from other brands.

4. Stay out of School

Any student or staff exhibiting symptoms of monkeypox should absolutely stay out of school until the symptoms go away, all scabs are cleared, the rash heals, and a new skin layer forms as per CDC recommendations. The risk of surface-to-skin transmission makes this step vitally important to all who are present in the school setting.

5. Laundering of Shared Linens and Towels

Additionally, any shared linens or towels that were used in the classroom should be laundered to prevent transmission. Monkeypox virus can be spread through contact with a used cloth or item of clothing. My Shield Laundry Complete can be used as an addition to shared laundry items in order to kill germs and infectious materials that may be hiding in fabrics found in the classroom.


All school-going children are entitled to safe in-person instruction. Hence, local authorities should utilize all tools to keep our educators and students safe in collaboration with school heads. My Shield is a line of bleach-free and alcohol-free sanitizers. These sanitizers avert transmission and kill germs, including the monkeypox virus, for more than 24 hours. You can find these long-lasting antimicrobial products on our website,

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