Benefits Of Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Benefits Of Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Aug 22, 2022YHS Team

In the absence of soap and water, hand hygiene protocol recommends using a hand sanitizer. There are three active ingredients approved for hand sanitizer manufacturing; one is alcohol-free (benzalkonium chloride, “BZK”), and two are alcohol-baed (ethanol, isopropyl). Trending amid the global health crisis are injuries and deaths from accidental and international misuse and abuse of alcohol-based hand sanitizers among children and adults. Sub-par manufacturing practices with alcohol-based hand sanitizers triggered an ongoing government warning.

The public has been alerted to alcohol-based hand sanitizer in food and beverage packaging, with added flavors and colors and known brands containing deadly contaminants (methanol, 1-propanol). All the while, alcohol-free hand sanitizer has maintained a stellar reputation.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer was first introduced to the public in 1965. Fifty-five years later, in 2020, a major industry advancement occurred with the launch of alcohol-free hand, body, and surface sanitizers as a complete solution for the public. Science and medical research now prove that alcohol-free hand sanitizer is far superior in effectiveness, compared to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Knowing the difference between alcohol-free and alcohol-based hand sanitizer allows freedom of choice with personal, child, and public safety.

“YHS offers hand sanitizers that are water-based and contain zero alcohol. Our products are also non-flammable and non-poisonous, making it a more effective & safer hand sanitizer for the whole family.”

ESC Brands’ hand sanitizer formulations leverage the science of magnetism creating an even, undetectable, microscopic layer of protection on hands and skin. This requires less use of product material that translates to cost savings.

Your Healthy Spaces distributes water-based, alcohol-free hand sanitizers that are proven to last up to 4-24 hours on hands after use. While ongoing protection is the key benefit of our product, an additional benefit of our alcohol-free hand and skin sanitizers includes the softening and moisturizing of skin through aloe vera. 


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